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About Us

Unique Content

Our development team have been responsible for content in the biggest servers around.
We will continue to add unique, player driven content.

Community Focused

It's imperative that we discover what our players want to see in game. That's why we always listen to suggestions, everything we do is for you!

Donations? We're different.

We don't believe in offering an advantage just to earn money for ourselves, we'll never ask for donations.

Why Azaria?

With a team of skilled staff & developers, you can be sure that we're here to stay. We're not here to earn money - We love Runescape Private Servers and we aim to be the best.

After joining - you'll enter into a world with a perfect ECO, passionate player base & gameplay that you wont find anywhere else! Why not check us out?

300 +

Projected Players

100 +

Custom Items

100 %

Positive feedback


Cups of Coffee


Our Team



Owner & Founder

I always loved Runescape Private Servers. Having been involved in a few projects before, I knew it was time to make something special.



Co-Owner & Co-Founder

I joined Flub very early on and supported his view of making something truly unique. I have years of experience in the RSPS scene.



Co-Owner & Co-Founder

I've experienced more than 15 years in the RSPS community - I bring with me tonnes of ideas and I know exactly what will succeed.



We're hiring!

As we're still very early in the Project, we're looking for motivated and passionate players to help us out with forums and in game!

Donation Packages

Mystery Box

Just $5 Each

  • 3rd Age
  • Twisted Bow
  • Ballistas
  • Rares
  • Kodai Wand
  • Customs



  • Donator Zone Command
  • Dragon Island
  • Entrance To new bosses
  • Forum and InGame Ranks
  • Command To Yell



  • Donator Zone Command
  • Entrance To New Bosses
  • Forum and In Game Ranks
  • Command To Yell
  • Fortem Armor Set
  • Premium Cape



  • Platinum Zone
  • Entrance To Platinum Boss
  • Forum And In Game Ranks
  • Command To Yell
  • Platinum Cape
  • Imperium Full Armor
  • Healing Fountain